About Us

The Bethel Township Historical Society exists to bring together those persons with an interest in the history of Bethel Township, Miami County, Ohio as it was originally established.


To foster the discovery, collection and preservation of all materials that illustrate or help to establish the rich and varied cultural history of our community -- its settlement, residents, development, activities, and progress.

To disseminate historical information about the community through special programs and events that promote public understanding and interest in the area's past and present.


We need your help

We are seeking any and all photographs of Bethel Township to reproduce in digital format for the purpose of archiving and preserving our shared pictorial history. If you have any photos that you think would be beneficial to this project please contact a club officer. We will scan the photos, make digital copies, and safely return the photos to you. If you already have digital version we would appreciate your sharing the photos with us. Thank you.

Our group has assumed the responsibility of collecting photos, information, articles, and related materials that pertain to the history and activities of our forefathers who lived in the rural areas of the township or in early towns such as West Charleston (then known as Friendstown), Brandt, and Phoneton (also known as Phonetown). We are committed to seeing that historical items from this area are properly documented and preserved for future generations. To be successful, we need your support through membership and donations. We also ask that you share or donate local family genealogies, histories and photos; photos of local sites, business and church records, etc. We also seek members who can volunteer their time in helping us inventory, catalog and archive all donated materials. There is a niche within our group for everyone who shares an interest in the history of this area, even though you may live far away. We hope to hear from you!

Who We Are:

The Bethel Township Historical Society was incorporated on October 3, 2005 as an official entity, and gained 501C3 status in 2007. The Society is dedicated to preserving, promoting, recording and displaying historical material, properties or articles, providing for the dissemination and display of such materials, and encouraging historical inquiry and interest. The Bethel Township community, as small as it is, is rich with history. Some of it has been told, some is just now being brought to light, and much more is to be uncovered and brought to fruition. The Bethel Township Historical Society is looking forward to being a vital part of the community, and hope that you will join them in their endeavors. As a fledgling organization, its members bring an excitement, a thirst for knowledge, and of course, a deep interest in the history of our township. Since 2003, the Society’s main members have been a mainstay, devoting much time and effort into the organization. The society needs volunteers on many levels. The Society has an extensive collection of historic research materials for you to read through and get familiar with on the history of the township. Committees will be formed to branch out into more areas that need covered. Join the Bethel Township Historical Society in the fun—explore our history! If you have an interest in the history of this area, why not join or renew today?


President: Lorna Furderer
Vice President: Dave Fisher
Treasurer and Historian: Jeannine Friend
Sergeant at Arms: Len Pytel
Historian: Lou Chmiel

Meetings and Other Activities:

Regular meetings are held at 7:00 on the first Wednesday of each month in Brandt, Ohio. In addition to conducting business, we hold history roundtable discussions and have invited speakers. Local artifacts are displayed on a rotating basis and records are available for research. We publish a newsletter which is free to all members. Special activities are planned throughout the year.